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11. Eataly

Address: The Prudential Center, 800 Boylston St., Boston

Date: November

By: Mario Batali, Joe Bastianich, and Lidia Bastianich, others

Speciality: It will not be too high an expectation if you wish to get the best seafood selection in the restaurant. It is both a foodie’s paradise and a shopper’s paradise as the place promises a rep for the Italian dining and shopping emporium. And if you think that is it then let us inform you that the massive 45,000-square-foot gastroplex at the Pru will also feature a La Pizza & La Pasta restaurant. Besides, there will be a seafood restaurant, Il Pesce, and a cooking school. Does that not excite you? We know it does.

12. En Boca

Address: 8 Holyoke St., Cambridge

Date: September

By: Ben Lacy (Ten Tables Cambridge), Devin Broo (Bar Boulud), and Classic Restaurant Concepts (forces behind The Asgard and The Kinsale pubs).

Speciality: The old Sandrine’s space is recreated into a 132 seat restaurant and 17-seat bar. The menu is quite interesting being divided into “farm,” “land,” “sea,” and “garden.” Guess which dishes will fall under which category? For a good selection of food and beverages, do not forget to drop in in the month of September.

13. Flour Harvard Square

Address: 114 Mt. Auburn St., Cambridge

Date: October

By: Joanne Chang

Speciality: This is one of the three bakeries planned by Chang, others being in Kendall Square and the Back Bay. The reigning James Beard Award-winning baker and proprietor of some of Boston’s favorite sweet shops, Chang will surely please those with high expectations. Chang is also chef/owner of Myers & Chang, along with her husband and business partner, Christopher Myers.

14. Co

Address: 225 Newbury St., Boston

Date: Late October

By: Demetri Tsolakis from the Seaport’s Committee

Speciality: Expect loukoumades topped with honey, sesame seeds, pistachios, and other treats. This nightlife destination boasts of food on the go. Have a sparkling and sweet night here with delicious doughnuts and scrumptious snacks.

15. La Casa de Pedro

Address: 505 Congress St., Boston

Date: September

By: Pedro Alarcón, chef-owner at Watertown’s 20-year-old flagship.

Speciality: La Casa de Pedro is a unique and amazing mix of a patio, an outdoor bar, live music, a ceviche bar, and even a takeout cafe! Their menu has dishes from Venezuela and beyond. The place will definitely see couples, families, and energetic groups.

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16. Moona

Address: 243 Hampshire St., Cambridge

Date: September

By: Mohamad El Zein, former operations director for Masa, and Rod Ouassaidi, owner of South End Pita.

Speciality: This Arabic style restaurant makes use of preserved ingredients used in Arabic and Eastern Mediterranean dishes such as olives, pickles, cheeses, spices, and jams. The word moons stands for “pantry” in Arabic, so you know now what exactly to expect before entering this cosy space. Are you ready for a spicy and tangy treat this September?

17. PABU

Address: Millennium Tower, 1 Franklin St., Boston

Date: fall

By: Acclaimed San Francisco chef Michael Mina and sushi master Ken Tominaga

Speciality: This two-story version of San Francisco’s acclaimed sushi bar and izakaya has already evoked high hopes in seafood lovers. Mina describes it as “my very first restaurant [Aqua] was all fish,” not to forget an extensive charcoal-cooked meat program. If you are a sushi lover then you will get multi-course sushi menus. The dishes are prepared with ingredients from Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market and Japanese whiskey aplenty. Eat to your heart’s delight.

18. RFKKitchen

Address: 948 Great Plain Ave., Needham

Date: Early October

By: Chef-owner Rachel Klein, recently seen at Liquid Art House

Speciality: The restaurant features 100 seats, an open kitchen with a 25-seat dining counter, and a lounge. It is one of the most family-friendly dinning places which entertains couples and groups as well. Klein talks about his restaurant “We have an American menu with global influences. It’s a place you could go every day and have a burger or do a chef’s tasting menu.” She looks eager to open a place where worldly people can enjoy food and eat out all the time.

19. RUKA

Address: The Godfrey Hotel, 505 Washington St., Boston

Date: November

By: The team behind Downtown Crossing’s Yvonne’s


20. Waypoint

Address: 1030 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge

Date: Now open

By: Alden & Harlow’s Michael Scelfo and Seth Freidus

Speciality: You can expect roasts, a bakery program, pizza and seafood here. The regional seafood is a delight to have. Relish mouth-watering cuisines and delicacies on plates designed by Boston ceramicist Jeremy Ogusky.

These are just a few restaurants while there are many more to come including a branch of Island Creek Oyster Bar in Burlington, a Boston deli from Tasty Burger’s Dave DuBois, a waterfront restaurant at The Eddy luxury apartment in East Boston from former Pigalle chef Marc Orfaly, an Italian restaurant called MIDA in the South End, and the Seaport’s Oak + Rowan from the team behind Newburyport’s Ceia and Brine, with tableside liquor carts and a caviar program.

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