The Coronavirus pandemic has become a predicament that everyone has to learn to live with, at least until a cure is found. With more than 13 million cases worldwide at the time of this article’s conception, COVID19 seems less likely to stop unless a vaccine is invented. 

Besides health emergencies, the economic sector of the whole world is perishing. Businessmen are losing their minds over the constant de-escalating of their sales revenue graphs. Nevertheless, the virus has made the world as a whole come together in unity against it.

All the major countries, institutes, and organizations are taking full measures to get rid of the Coronavirus. In the meantime, we should all take responsibility at an individual level to sort out this situation and bring the world to its status quo.

In this article, we will discuss how one can keep their taxi services running in this pandemic by applying some key strategies to stop the spread of the virus.

Inform your drivers about the Coronavirus and how it can be contained

Many people are afraid of the virus to death because of having little to no information about it. If you are running a taxi service, you must keep your riders updated on all the information about the virus and how it can be restricted. 

If you have a small boston logan car service business, you can inform your drivers via face to face communication. For those with a large range of vehicles under their services, taxi dispatch software is the best way to keep everyone updated. Moreover, you can also put infographic posters about the virus and the steps one can take to avoid it inside the cars.

Provide your drivers with face masks and sanitizers

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You must make your drivers, employees, and other staff feel safe if you expect them to come to work. You should provide your employees with enough face masks, hand gloves, and sanitizers to keep them safe. 

You should also clean the cars, parking space, and your office regularly in order to keep the infections away. When you take full measures to make sure that your boston logan taxi service is safe and secure, it will also boost confidence in your drivers and riders.

Get passenger’s details

As a public service operator, you are responsible for gaining information about the customer you are dealing with. It will help you spot the customers who might be vulnerable or a carrier of the disease and politely decline them until they are healthy to travel. 

You can extract certain information about the passenger by asking them a few questions at the time of booking. Customers should be asked to wear masks and maintain social distancing while riding. It would be best if you also asked your passengers to comply with the government’s rules about traveling in this pandemic era.

Give leave to sick drivers

This should go without saying. If any of your drivers or employees are suffering from cough, fever, or cold, give them leave and ask them not to come back to work until they are feeling healthy again. While it is your fundamental duty to take care of your employees, allowing them sick leaves will also prevent the potential spread of the virus.

Moreover, in the longer run, your employees will respect you for your act of kindness and compassion. 


The fear of Coronavirus remains in the world, but that has not stopped people from tending to their works. It means your taxi services could still manage to operate if you are taking proper precautions. Employ a few strategies as the situation requires and make sure your drivers and customers have confidence in your service.

You can also integrate a few technologies to make it easier for your drivers and customers to use your taxi service. If you are still relying on the traditional taxi business, it is high time to introduce taxi dispatch software. 

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