Terms and Conditions


General Reservation Terms and Conditions

  1. Booking facility is only available for passengers paying with Credit Cards.
  2. Infant and Child Seats are only available in Minivans. Sedans cannot have child seats at the moment due to space constraints.
  3. Each vehicle has a maximum passenger limit and luggage capacity based on safety and comfort specification of the manufacturer and state authorities.
  4. Hourly booking are applicable to services not further than 20 miles. If you need a vehicle for longer drives please try other booking options like Door to Door service or Long Distance Service.
  5. Toll Taxes: As per the rules of Airport Authorities a two way toll is charged when you opt for an airport pick up or drop service through Logan Airport Taxi Cab.
  6. In case of harsh climatic conditions like snow storms, where is it not practically possible to operate we may cancel the service and refund the entire amount. Similarly blockades caused due to security (serious national emergencies) reasons may lead to cancellation of the service.
  7. For long distance services the toll charges and parking fee may differ based on passenger preferred routes and activities on the way. In such case the extra charge will be payable in cash to the driver or will be charged via credit card after the service.
  8. On public holidays an additional Holiday surcharge of $10 will be charged irrespective of the service.
  9. Gratuity: 20% gratuity is payable on all services.
  10. Night charges: an additional $10 will be levied between 2200 hours and 0400 hours as night charges.

Cancellation / Modification Terms and Conditions

  1. Cancellation Rules: Any reservation can be cancelled by using our Cancellation / Modification tool or my mailing us with proper booking details at least 3 hours prior to the time of service. Phone requests will not be entertained. No refunds will be issued for cancellations / modification made less than 3 hours before the scheduled service time.
    Cancellation window for services originating outside Massachusetts is 6 hours. So all such services should be cancelled or modified 6 hours prior to service time.
  2. No Show Rules: No-shows are not refundable under any circumstances.

Wait Time and Charges:

  1. Non airport pick-ups: after grace period of 15 minutes elapsed, waiting time will apply.
  2. Domestic Arrivals: after 30 minutes grace period elapsed, waiting time will apply.
  3. International Arrivals: after 60 minutes grace period elapsed, waiting time will apply.


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